Agritourism may be defined as activities, events and services related to agriculture that take place on or off the farm or ranch, and that connect consumers with the heritage, natural resource or culinary experience they value.

Join us for an extraordinary agriculture tour to see and learn about the operating biodynamic farm and ranch and enjoy the scenery that surrounds.

You can see and learn about biodynamic agriculture, orchards, crops including fruit, vegetables and herbs, apiaries, livestock including cattle, chickens, goats, donkeys and honeybees, agriculture buildings including Nursery, Greenhouse, Livestock Barn, Solar Shed, Hay Barn, ponds, irrigation systems pipeline, dinosaur pit, products in development and the future of Nutrient Farm.

Tours depart on weekdays at 9:00am and 2:00pm. Other days or times might be possible upon request.

Pre-School / Kindergarten Field Trip Tour


Pre-School / Kindergarten Field Trip Tour: Discover the Wonders of the Farm!

Hey, Little Explorers and Curious Minds! Get ready for an adventure at Nutrient Farm with our specially designed Agriculture Field Trip, perfect for pre-school and kindergarten children.

Why Our Field Trip is a Must-Do for Kids:

  • Hands-On Fun: Our field trip is packed with interactive activities that are perfect for little hands. From petting farm animals to planting their first seeds, kids will learn by doing.
  • Educational and Entertaining: We make learning fun with engaging, age-appropriate lessons about plants, animals, and farm life.
  • Safe and Supervised: Your child's safety is our priority. Our experienced staff ensures a secure and nurturing environment for all activities.
  • Nature Connection: Let your kids connect with nature and learn about the importance of the environment and sustainable living.

Field Trip Highlights:

  • Guided tour of the farm with fun and friendly guides.
  • Hands-on experience with farm animals - feeding, petting, and learning.
  • Planting workshop where kids can get their hands dirty.
  • Nature crafts and farm-themed games.
  • Storytime.

Minimum of 10 participants required.  Reservations include:

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Grade School / Junior High Field Trip Tour


Grade School / Junior High Agriculture Field Trip: Discover the Wonders of Farming!

Embark on a journey of discovery and fun with our Agriculture Field Trips at Nutrient Farm! Perfect for grade school and junior high students, these trips are designed to ignite curiosity and a love for nature in young minds.

Why Our Field Trips Stand Out:

  • Educational Adventure: Engage in hands-on activities that teach the basics of farming, plant science, and sustainable agriculture.
  • Interactive Learning: Students can plant seeds, learn about composting, meet farm animals, and understand the journey from farm to table.
  • Nature Exploration: Experience the great outdoors with guided tours of our fields, orchards, and gardens.
  • Customized Experiences: We tailor our field trips to suit different age groups, ensuring a fun and age-appropriate learning experience for all.
  • Safe and Supervised: Our experienced staff ensures a safe, supervised, and enjoyable experience for students.

Trip Highlights:

  • A tour of our working farm, showcasing various crops and farming techniques.
  • Fun and educational workshops on plant life cycles, healthy eating, and environmental stewardship.
  • Interactive sessions with farm animals, teaching about animal care and their role in agriculture.

Minimum of 10 participants required.  Reservations include:

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High School / College Field Trip Tour


High School & College Field Trip at Nutrient Farm: Discover the Wonders of Agriculture.

Embark on an educational journey like no other! Nutrient Farm warmly invites high school and college students to experience the dynamic world of agriculture through our specialized Field Trips. Dive deep into the heart of farming and gain real-world insights that textbooks simply can’t provide.

Why Choose Our Field Trips:

  • Hands-On Learning: Students get to roll up their sleeves and engage in various agricultural activities, from planting seeds to understanding crop rotation.
  • Educational Tours: Guided tours across our diverse farm landscapes offer a close-up view of sustainable farming practices in action.
  • Expert Insights: Our skilled agriculturists and environmentalists provide in-depth knowledge about modern farming techniques, agri-tech innovations, and ecological sustainability.
  • Interactive Sessions: We offer workshops and Q&A sessions where students can discuss and learn about the challenges and opportunities in the field of agriculture.
  • Tailored Curriculum: Our programs are designed to complement your school's curriculum, enhancing students’ understanding of biology, environmental science, and economics.

Highlights of the Trip:

  • A comprehensive tour of our working farm, including crop fields, orchards, and livestock areas.
  • Interactive demonstrations of farming machinery and technology.
  • Exploration of soil health, water conservation, and organic farming.

Minimum of 10 participants required.  Reservations include:

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