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Nutrient Farm

Beef Round Steak

Beef Round Steak

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Round Steak is a thinly sliced portion of meat, which is taken from the Round. The Round is present in the inner leg muscle of the animal, an area which is commonly known as the hindquarters.

Round Steak is the thinner slice of meat cut from a Top Round Roast with not much fat or marbling. It can tenderize to a certain extent if marinated for a few hours in advance and by cooking it using slow, moist methods of cooking after searing it on all sides to seal its juices. The meat can also be tenderized by flattening it with a meat mallet. It can also be thinly sliced, smoked and dried to make Beef jerky.

Nutrient Farm Beef is grain-free, grassfed, grass-finished, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and humanely raised with Organic and Biodynamic principals. These exceptional livestock are slow-grown the way nature intended; never speed-grown by feeding cake, corn or soy. The livestock also spend their lives outdoors grazing pasture, but also have access to shelter to escape inclement weather. Only certified Organic grass seed is ever planted in our pastures.

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