201201 Livestock Barn Complete!

201201 Livestock Barn Complete!


Nutrient Farm beef is raised humanely in a low-stress environment with 24/7/365 access to shelter. In addition to our mobile shade apparatus, construction is now complete on our new insulated Livestock Barn. The barn has 4 overhead doors and 6 double-pane windows to allow vehicle passage and proper ventilation. The barn even permits working and calving space for the winter months. A door is always open so rain or snow, the cattle may roam or have a calm, dry place to take comfort in.

Another feature of the building is that it has been strategic designed to maximize future solar application potential. We are an off-grid operation and currently do not have any energy production on our remote East pasture. This building is facing due South to maximize solar production. The building roof is a single-slope, Shed-Style architecture to maximize solar collection real estate. The roof type is Standing Seam to allow directly attaching any such infrastructure to.




Upcoming Products

100% raw unfiltered Honey products coming soon! Honey, Honeycomb, Propolis, etc.



Nutrition Information
Beef is generally a rich source of selenium, an essential trace element that serves a variety of functions in your body
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“You are what you eat, eats!”

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