2024-01 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2024-01 progress at Nutrient Farm

The irrigation system in the greenhouse is finished. The installation of electronic valves and a controller makes the system automated and self-sufficient, creating streamlined management of our agriculture throughout the seasons. Orchard 1 will soon get the same implementation.  Nutrient Farm
We have poured a few more concrete pads as we continue to develop the premises. The Greenhouse Fulfillment room has received a pad to hold the refrigeration condensers and another containing hydronics for a future customer pick-up locker feature. #nutrientfarm
We have improved a gravel road that provides access to parking and circulation for the physical Nutrient Farm Store, Greenhouse and Pond. We are solving the muddy driveway problem and this will make a much cleaner and easier experience visiting us. #nutrientfarm Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Nutrient AG Market coming soon, an employee-less, self-checkout kiosk experience; 24/7/365. Have peace of mind knowing everything sold is either WILD, ORGANIC or BIODYNAMIC. Personally select what you wish to purchase and access Products not available on nutrientfarm.com
Gain actionable insight on how we use & plan to use renewable energy technology including ram pumps, solar electric, stationary storage, electrolysis, solar thermal, thermal battery, geothermal, phase change, steam, biomass, anaerobic digestion & biogas. Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Come explore the secrets of fertile soil and unlock its full potential! Discover the magic of soil health, the art of composting, the power of biodynamic preparations and gain hands-on experience through the guidance of Nutrient Farm
Passionate about sustainability & eager to make a real difference in conserving our planet's most precious resource? The Water Conservation and Irrigation Techniques workshop is designed to inform how we use and are planning on using various techniques. Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Dive Into the World of Sustainable Farming with Intro to Biodynamic Agriculture! Embark on an enlightening journey to the heart of sustainable farming, a unique opportunity to explore an innovative approach to agriculture that harmonizes with nature.
Help Cultivate a Healthier World: Support Nutrient Farm Today! Our farm uses sustainable practices to produce nutrient-rich foods, ensuring that healthy eating is accessible to all. Your donation makes a difference, join our mission to nourish lives: Nutrient Farm
A septic waste system is being installed for the Greenhouse, Office Trailers, Washroom Trailer, and future uses. The washroom trailer is available for use by Nutrient Market (physical farm store) customers. #nutrientfarm
Go Green with our Agrochemical Alternatives & Biopesticides Workshop. Join us at Nutrient Farm for an enlightening workshop on Agrochemical Alternatives & Biopesticides, where you'll discover the power of sustainable farming! Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Welcome to Nutrient Farm, where we turn green dreams into lush realities. When you join our Greenhouse Crop Production Workshop you gain expert-led sessions, comprehensive information, interactive learning, and resourceful takeaways. Sign up today:
Discover the art of seed saving! Embark on a journey of sustainability & self-reliance with our comprehensive Seed Saving & Preservation Workshop. Perfect for gardeners, environmentalists or anyone interested in the ancient practice of seed saving. Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Master the Machines of the Land! The Farm Machinery Workshop is designed for both the aspiring farmer and the seasoned agriculturist. This workshop offers hands-on experience with powerful machines that make modern farming a success.
Step into the boots of a farmer: Join Our Farm Hand Experience Workshop! Ever wondered what it's like to be a farmer? Nutrient Farm invites you to a unique Farm Hand Experience Workshop, where you'll dive into the real hands-on world of farming: Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Come Embrace the Farmer in You in our Crop Planting Workshop! Step into the world of agriculture with a hands-on Crop Planting Workshop at Nutrient Farm. Gain real farming experience, expert guidance, sustainable practices, & community of nature lovers!
In our Crop Cultivation Techniques Workshop discover the art of farming! Get ready to turn your green dreams into reality. This workshop is perfect for aspiring farmers, gardening aficionados, and anyone keen on mastering the art of growing crops: Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Harvest the Fruits of Your Labor in a Crop Harvest Workshop! Welcome to a season of abundance at Nutrient Farm. We're thrilled to invite you to our exclusive workshop, you'll experience the joy & satisfaction of harvesting crops straight from the earth


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