2023-12 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2023-12 progress at Nutrient Farm

It's time to make some new winter memories. Grab your sleds and bring your friends sledding at Nutrient Farm's West pasture talus slope! Sledding is included in the Nutrient Farm's Recreational Trails System, sledding tickets are not sold separately: rb.gy/bql2al  
Creating a batch of Biodynamic Preparation 500 Horn Manure. Fresh cow manure is packed into cow horns & buried in the ground in Autumn. In six months they are unburied and the organic humus matter inside is removed, dynamized & sprayed to enrich the compost and soil.
This week the Greenhouse is receiving and planting Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries! As they are transplanted and begin to thrive, we will eagerly be anticipating the first harvest. Stay tuned this Winter for news about the upcoming berry harvests.

A washroom trailer is being installed next week along with a new gravel sidewalk to the Farm Store, access road and parking against the front of the Greenhouse. This will improve circulation and keep everyone and their vehicles clean when shopping at Nutrient Farm.
The first root vegetable harvest is here. Come purchase them at the physical Nutrient Farm Store for local, seasonal produce. Bring flavor, sustainability and rhythm to your cooking this winter season. Turnip the Beet! #nutrientfarm #nutrientfarmstore
Christmas is coming! Nutrient Farm Gift Cards provide access to food humanely raised with biodynamic principles. Nothing says I care about you like the gift of clean food. Gift cards are good for all products store-wide and never expire. shorturl.at/lxLX0
Now offering guided agriculture tours! Dive into a Crop Planting Tour, embark on an unforgettable Animal Interaction Tour, or simply explore the beauty of Nature with our Nature Walking Tour. shorturl.at/cvKLQ gardeneres-crop-800x560px.jpg__PID:b2193b65-c893-41ca-adfe-826584acaf7d

Nutrient Farm has started the USDA Organic Certification process for all products from the farm. The process is arduous, but Nutrient Farm is producing everything extremely consciously so you can be sure everything will eventually be certified 100% Organic, Biodynamic and beyond! 
Live steers are now available for purchase! These Steers are full blood Akaushi Wagyu and are renowned for their exceptional marbling. They are also known as the "Emperor's Breed" and are considered to be the highest quality beef variety in the world!
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Come experience the World’s first Electric Snow Bike on the Moonbike Agriculture Tour. It is silent, odor-free & designed to make winter adventures exciting and enjoyable. Assembled by BOSCH. Expertly Crafted in the French Alps. shorturl.at/myIT9
Announcing the Ranch Tour! Escape the hustle of daily life to go on a journey into the heart of the ranch with the exclusive Ranch Tour. This experience will get up close with friendly cows, goats & chickens. You will also visit Livestock and Hay Barns. shorturl.at/bfD14

Organize a School Field Trip to see & learn about a working biodynamic farm and ranch! Students will enjoy the scenery, along with learning about regenerative agriculture, orchards, apiaries & livestock. shorturl.at/imoG9 
Discover the Healing Power of Nature in the Herbal Plants Workshop. Unlock the secrets of nature's remedies as you learn to create teas, tinctures, salves, & more! This workshop includes hands-on learning, plant identification, harvesting & preservation. herbal.jpg__PID:ada37bae-1e14-445f-b56a-c60663d410fe
The irrigation system in the greenhouse is finished. The installation of electronic valves and a controller makes the system automated and self-sufficient, creating streamlined management of our agriculture throughout the seasons. Orchard 1 will soon get the same implementation.
We have poured a few more concrete pads as we continue to develop the premises. The Greenhouse Fulfillment room has received a pad to hold the refrigeration condensers and another containing hydronics for a future customer pick-up locker feature.
We have improved a gravel road that provides access to parking and circulation for the physical Nutrient Farm Store, Greenhouse and Pond. We are solving the muddy driveway problem and this will make a much cleaner and easier experience visiting us. 


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