Species Rarity

For every 2,500 cattle born in the USA, 1 will be an Akaushi Wagyu.

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History of Akaushi Wagyu

Wagyu, meaning "Japanese Cow," is a renowned for its exceptional marbling, tenderness, and flavor.  Akaushi, one of 4 Wagyu sub-species is known as the "Emperor's Breed" and is considered to be the highest quality beef variety in the world and is sought after by connoisseurs and chefs alike.

Akaushi Wagyu first entered the United States in 1976. With the realization of having the most superior Beef genetics on the planet, Japan banned live exports in 1998. Beforehand, six ÔÇťFoundation BullsÔÇŁ were exported that started the American Akaushi Wagyu industry.

Foundation Bulls that started the American Akaushi Wagyu industry

JC Rueshaw, born in 1973

Judo, born in 1974

Hikari, born in 1993

Shigemaru, born in 1993

Tamamaru, born in 1993

Big Al, born in 1994

Nutrient Farm Beef is World Class!

Nutrient Farm has acquired some of the finest 100% Fullblood living decedents of these foundation bulls, including Rueshaw progeny and TOP MARBLING GRAND CHAMPION red bull ÔÇťJC Rueshaw 75ÔÇŁ, the only bull to win the Houston Livestock overall championship two years in succession.

Nutrient Farm also has live genetics from all six Akaushi Wagyu Foundation Bulls that started the US industry.

Nutrient Farm cares!

We are very proud and fortunate to own and have stewardship of these rare, extraordinary livestock and their successor lineage.

They are cared for ethically and to the best of our collective abilities utilizing cutting-edge, Biodynamic Organic methodologies in a holistic, low-stress environment.

We are algorithmically selecting bulls to breed with each cow, every year, to maximize genetic diversity and minimize Inbreeding Coefficients (COI).

We go further by slow-growing the livestock the way Nature intended: hormone-free, grassfed, grass-finished, grain-free, cake and candy-free. This natural, evolutionary diet maximizes the production of Omega-3 EPA and DHA (animal-based fatty acids that are found in grass-fed beef and wild Alaskan salmon) and minimizes Omega-6 Linoleic Acid which increases oxidative stress and may promote diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

To ensure the highest purity and lowest toxic heavy metals, all livestock are antibiotic-free and all animals born on farm remain vaccine-free.

If you have a suggestion on how we may improve, please let us know.

"You are what you eat, eats." Ôäó