2023-11 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2023-11 progress at Nutrient Farm


Received an additional generator to stand-by on the third micro grid (MG3) on the East Pasture. This will make sure that if solar power should fail or run low, this will power on and continue to electrify. #nutrientfarm
Nutrient Farm is preparing a commercial kitchen which will allow offering prepared and packaged foods at the Nutrient Farm Store such as dried produce, baked goods and other various foods. #nutrientfarm
Taste test our flight of sweet peppers grown in the garden! With multiple different varieties to cook and taste with, these sweet peppers would be a great addition to salads, sauces or eaten raw. Shop at our Farm Store today rb.gy/zopdw
Nutrient Farm’s meat processing unit (MPU) is well into construction. Beyond excited about the prospect of performing local, ethical slaughter and butchering of everything from Beef to Goat to Chicken, right here on the farm. #nutrientfarm
Our CEO, Ranch & Farm Manager are attending the National Biodynamic Conference this week. This is the largest Biodynamic gathering in the US, bringing together over 700 farmers, gardeners & activists. They will be spreading all the amazing work that Nutrient Farm has accomplished
Nutrient Farm harvests fresh bundles of biodynamic organic Herbs weekly. Stop by the Nutrient Farm Store to shop our whole selection. The physical Farm Store is located at 9115 Colorado River Road, New Castle. #nutrientfarmstore
A gate was installed near the West pasture’s East cattle guard along Colorado River Road. Requested by the community, the team has completed that task to help pedestrians avoid walking across the cattle guard with babies or small children. #nutrientfarm
After years of design and construction, the Greenhouse will finally begin to be used agriculturally. The crops from the Nursery will be moved to the Greenhouse so Nutrient Farm can have continuum delivery of fresh, biodynamic organic produce directly to the community.
Once testing of the leech field and approval of permits are complete, work can fully move forward with Septic installation which could be completed in the next week or so. This system will conveniently be located behind the Greenhouse and temporary Offices. #nutrientfarm
Orchard 1’s irrigation system is complete. 10 acres of polyethylene has been installed and fused. In the Spring, we will be ready to irrigate the full orchard and bring this fruit forest to life. #nutrientfarm
Farm Tours are being considered. We are collecting community feedback and performing diligence to see if this is something that would be a good idea to bring to fruition at this point in time. Guided tours would be via ATV or electric Moon Bikes in the winter. More to come!
Solar Shed has been built in the East pasture. This will provide stationary storage for the solar energy produced, which will in-turn provide a continuous off-grid supply of power to the Livestock Barn and upcoming Meat Processing Unit. All meat will be solar energy processed.


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