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2023-10 progress at Nutrient Farm

Nutrient Farm’s first harvest of eggplant has arrived! Did you know that eggplant is a berry by botanical definition? A member of the genus Solanum, it is related to the tomato, chili pepper, and potato. Shop all our organic fruits & vegetables today: rb.gy/akpki  
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Nutrient Farm Store now has a revised open date of Oct 16th! Please save the date and come visit our physical location to shop locally, biodynamically, and organically. Located on the intersection of Colorado River Rd & Nutrient Farm Rd. rb.gy/72fut
Ensuring clean soil for organic production after construction, we’ve removed & replaced the top 6” inches of soil in the greenhouse before getting started with agriculture. Tropical & subtropical trees in the Nursery are ready to move here to start production.
Add some spicy, flavorful peppers to your meals. Nutrient Farm has harvested many varieties of sweet, hot and bell peppers. Shop our organic peppers today: nutrientfarm.com
Another successful month on the farm. Nutrient Farms Akaushi Wagyu cows are roaming the west pasture, we are preparing to open the NF Farm Store, & are harvesting our organic vegetables & fruits weekly! Check out our progress recap below.

 A gravel driveway has been installed adjacent to the Greenhouse overhead door. It includes a culvert for water passage along with the utilities that have all been installed and back-filled for the Farm Store as well and more ;) Ready for inspection!

Autumn has arrived on the farm. Every season brings something new. Nutrient Farm will have produce growing in our greenhouse all winter long even as the temperature changes. Follow along for updates. nutrientfarm.com
The NF team has installed a stormwater diversion ditch by the equipment yard, hundreds of feet long filled with tons of gravel and piping. Preparing for bad weather and hard rains moving the water away from the storage units & equipment. 
Nutrient Farm has its first squash harvest. Currently there are two varieties Delicata & Scallop, perfect for warm, fall recipes. All of our produce is grown biodynamically and organically. Order online today nutrientfarm.com

Nutrient Farm Store is officially open. Come stop by & shop local, organic produce. Limited supply, new products will be added soon. rb.gy/y9zt2 #nutrientfarmstore
Nutrient Farm’s CEO presented to the council at the New Castle Town Hall meeting, a referring entity for Garfield County who is administrating Nutrient’s zoning application for alternative land use. Encouraging responses included: “This is something we really need around here!” 



The top 6 inches of soil has been replaced in the Greenhouse and it is now ready for agriculture. Installation of 4 intake louvers was completed. Next, 3 tunnels will be constructed inside for tropical & subtropical agriculture.
Now offering a Mix Assortment of biodynamic, organic Cherry Tomatoes! Taste test multiple varieties with so much flavor packed in one box. Order online today at nutrientfarm.com

Introducing Nutrient Farm Insulated Grocery Bags! Keep your goods cold while you share your wisdom on where to obtain some of the cleanest food around. Available here: rb.gy/qsvjk 


The cattle have enjoyed their free rein a little too much, including surrounding neighborhoods. Installation of more fences is helping, but it’s still a work in progress. Grazing the West Pasture for the 1st time in years rapidly reminds you of all of the fence’s new defects.

Nutrient Farm is now offering 100% pure, Biodynamic, Organic, raw, unfiltered honey, produced right here on the farm from our hard working honey bees! nutrientfarm.com/products/honey
By day the cattle graze hundreds of acres on the West Pasture. By night they deposit the nutrients where the second orchard will be planted for more fruit production. Manure is a valuable source of nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium and other micronutrients and microbiology.
Happy Halloween from Nutrient Farm!


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