2023-09 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2023-09 progress at Nutrient Farm

Nutrient Farm is bursting with delicious tomatoes! We have more than 8 different varieties of tomato being grown on the farm. Shop our inventory today! https://rb.gy/qjqsd #nutrientfarm  Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Our farm team has expanded this growing season. It is our 1st year of growing produce and 4th year of livestock agriculture. It takes a village! #nutrientfarm
Goat leg is prized in areas like the Mediterranean, the Ancient Greeks feasted on goat legs in celebratory times. This cut is very tender, it's best cooked on a slow roast in a grill or in an oven. Purchase this delicate cut of meat from Nutrient Farm: nutrientfarm.com Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm This week we have harvested fresh cucumbers from our orchard! Come grab nutritious, healthy, biodynamic cucumbers. Whether you add it in salad, gazpacho, tzatziki, or canning & pickling them - these are the best organic cucumbers you’ll find in the valley! rb.gy/qjqsd
Watch for animals while driving ona Colorado River Road. Nutrient Farm cows have been moved and will be grazing the lush, open range of the west pasture. The cattle corral fencing is complete. #nutrientfarm Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm

Last week the customer interface area was leveled, graveled, and framed. Concrete pads are ready to be poured this week. They will hold the Physical Farm Store, Produce Trailer, and Produce Storage Container. Access and parking will be finished as well. #nutrientfarm

Orchard 1 irrigation has made a lot of progress. Head pipes, trunks, verticals, manifolds, and drip lines are here and are continuing to be installed; automation is key. #nutrientfarm Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm Hey ChatGPT (AI), why is choosing grain-free beef important? If you value the potential health benefits and environmental sustainability associated with grass-fed beef, it may be time to shop online with Nutrient Farm today! nutrientfarm.com
Nutrient Farm’s heirloom tomatoes are open-pollinated, which means they are pollinated naturally, by birds, insects, wind, or any other natural element. No genetic modification ever. Bringing you the best, delicious, juicy tomatoes in Colorado, shop online rb.gy/akpki Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm First tomatillo harvest! Shop Nutrient Farm produce today: nutrientfarm.com

Nutrient Farm, nestled between the Colorado River and the majestic Grand Hogbacks. A place of absolute beauty & wilderness, where wild turkeys roam, three foot trout swim, deer and elk flock by the hundreds, mountain lions den and bald eagles fly overhead regularly #nutrientfarm

Nutrient Farm


Nutrient Farm

Nutrient Farm has added its West Pasture to the cattle grazing operation! It is designated as ‚ÄúOpen Range,‚ÄĚ grazing will be performed in the immediate area & cattle could be crossing regularly. Please watch your speed & stay alert while driving on Colorado River Rd.¬†#nutrientfarm
Green beans! Fresh from our farm to your door, order today:  nutrientfarm.com  #nutrientfarm
Nutrient Farm
Nutrient Farm

Installation of Phase Change Material (PCM) is complete in the greenhouse. PCM is an organic compound which absorbs/releases sufficient energy at phase transition to provide useful heat or cooling. PCMs offer an innovative, alternate solution in energy storage. #nutrientfarm


Nutrient Incorporated is officially announcing the launch of our subsidiary Nutrient Rentals! Providing economic Agriculture, Construction, and Recreational equipment rentals. Our rentals include tractors, excavators, skid steers & so much more! Check out: nutrientrentals.com

Nutrient Farm

Nutrient Farm Nutrient Farm’s first harvest of eggplant has arrived! Did you know that eggplant is a berry by botanical definition? A member of the genus Solanum, it is related to the tomato, chili pepper, and potato. Shop all our organic fruits & vegetables today: https://rb.gy/akpki


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