Agritourism may be defined as activities, events and services related to agriculture that take place on or off the farm or ranch, and that connect consumers with the heritage, natural resource or culinary experience they value.

Join us for an extraordinary agriculture tour to see and learn about the operating biodynamic farm and ranch and enjoy the scenery that surrounds.

You can see and learn about biodynamic agriculture, orchards, crops including fruit, vegetables and herbs, apiaries, livestock including cattle, chickens, goats, donkeys and honeybees, agriculture buildings including Nursery, Greenhouse, Livestock Barn, Solar Shed, Hay Barn, ponds, irrigation systems pipeline, dinosaur pit, products in development and the future of Nutrient Farm.

Tours depart on weekdays at 9:00am and 2:00pm. Other days or times might be possible upon request.

208: Baby Goat Therapy (available now thru August)



(after of which 203: Goat Ranching and Management Workshop is available all year).

Embrace Wellness with Baby Goat Therapy!

(Take advantage while available!!  Baby Goat Therapy can only be offered at select times of the year when baby goats available.)

Discover the joy and tranquility of baby goat therapy, a unique experience designed to soothe the soul, uplift the spirit, and bring unparalleled happiness to your life. Nestled in the heart of nature, our serene farm is the perfect escape from the stress of daily life, offering a peaceful retreat where you can connect with these adorable, playful creatures.

What We Offer:

  • Interactive Sessions: Enjoy heartwarming moments with our friendly baby goats. Cuddle, pet, and play in a picturesque setting that’s as beautiful as it is therapeutic.
  • Stress Relief: Studies have shown that interaction with animals can significantly reduce stress levels. Our baby goats offer a fun, joyful way to relax and unwind.
  • Family-Friendly Fun: Perfect for all ages, our baby goat therapy sessions are an excellent way for families to spend quality time together, creating memories that last a lifetime.
  • Picturesque Nature Walks: Combine your therapy session with a leisurely walk through our scenic farm. It’s not just therapy; it’s an adventure.

Why Baby Goats? Baby goats, or 'kids,' are known for their curious, playful nature, making them the perfect companions for therapy. Their friendly demeanor and infectious energy provide a heartwarming experience that can help alleviate anxiety, promote happiness, and encourage emotional well-being.

Reservations include:

This product is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for a qualified health care professional advice of any kind.  The use of the word "therapy" is alluding to the fun and happiness that often results from this activity.
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    Ranch Tour


    Ranch Tour: Explore the Harmony of Nature on the Ranch!

    Discover the Wonders of Biodynamic Ranching! Join us for an enlightening journey through our beautiful biodynamic ranch, where agriculture meets the rhythms of the earth and stars.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Interactive Sessions: Learn about biodynamic ranching principles that integrate cosmic rhythms, soil health, and biodiversity.
    • Walk Amongst Nature: Traverse our vibrant fields, lush gardens, and animal pastures.
    • Hands-On Experience: Participate in composting, animal care and understanding the cycle of life in ranching.

    Perfect for:

    • Livestock enthusiasts
    • Aspiring ranchers
    • Families seeking an educational adventure
    • Anyone interested in sustainable and holistic agriculture

    Reservations include:

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    Ranch Animal Interaction Tour


    Ranch Animal Interaction Tour: Discover the Joy of Ranch Life!

    Embark on an unforgettable journey at Nutrient Farm with our exclusive Ranch Animal Interaction Tour. It's not just a tour; it's an opportunity to connect with nature and the wonderful animals that call our ranch home.

    Why Our Tour is Special:

    • Hands-On Experience: Get up close and personal with our friendly ranch animals. Feed the cows and goats, pet the donkeys and witness the playful antics of our free-roaming chickens and honeybees.
    • Learn from the Experts: Our experienced ranchers will guide you through the daily routines of animal care, sharing insights into each animal's unique personality and needs.
    • Serenity of Ranch Life: Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the ranch, with its rolling pastures and peaceful surroundings. It's a perfect escape from the hustle of city life.
    • Educational and Fun: Ideal for families, animal lovers, and anyone looking to experience the rustic charm of ranch life. Our tour is both educational and immensely enjoyable.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Interaction with a variety of ranch animals including donkeys, cows, goats, honeybees and poultry.
    • An informative walk through the ranch, learning about sustainable animal husbandry.
    • A chance to assist in feeding and grooming activities.
    • Opportunities for amazing photos with the animals in a picturesque setting.

    Reservations include:

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    2 Mammoth Jack Donkey Riding Tour


    🌄 Embark on a Unique Adventure with Our 2 Mammoth Jack Donkey Riding Tour! 🌄

    Get ready for an unforgettable journey at Nutrient Farm with our exclusive 2 Mammoth Jack Donkey Riding Tour! Experience the countryside like never before on the back of these gentle giants.

    Why You'll Love This Tour:

    • Meet the Mammoth Jacks: These aren't your average donkeys. The Mammoth Jacks are known for their size, strength, and gentle temperament, making them perfect companions for your scenic ride.
    • Scenic Trails: Explore the stunning landscapes of our farm or ranch. Ride through rolling hills, lush meadows, and along tranquil streams.
    • Perfect for All Levels: Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-timer, our Mammoth Jacks are well-trained and friendly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for almost everyone.
    • Learn and Interact: Our knowledgeable guides will share interesting facts about these magnificent animals and the local ecology as you ride.
    • Photo Opportunities Galore: Capture the beauty of the natural surroundings and your unique riding experience with plenty of photo stops along the way.

    Ages 15+.  Max rider weight: 210 pounds.

    Reservations include:

    • 2 Riders (tour participants)
    • 1 Tour Guide (on horse or silent electric dirt bike)
    • 2 Mammoth Jack Donkeys
    • 1.5 hour Agriculture Tour
    • 2 Helmets
    • 2 Recreational Trails / Winter Sledding One Day Passes
    • 10% off Nutrient Farm products for Participants during visit
    • No Risk / Free Cancellation until 24 hours from reservation
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    Ranch Apiary Tour


    Ranch Apiary Tour: Buzz Into the World of Bees!

    Discover the fascinating world of bees and honey production with our exclusive Ranch Apiary Tour at Nutrient Farm. It's your chance to step into the life of a beekeeper and get a close-up look at these incredible pollinators.

    Why Our Apiary Tour is Unbeelievable:

    • Interactive Beekeeping Experience: Suit up in protective gear and get hands-on experience with beekeeping tasks. Learn how bees create honey, how hives function, and the importance of bees in our ecosystem.
    • Educational and Fun: Our expert beekeepers will guide you through the bee's journey from flower to hive to honey, making learning fun and engaging for all ages.
    • Bee-Friendly Practices: Learn about sustainable and bee-friendly farming practices that protect and nurture our vital bee populations.
    • Stunning Ranch Scenery: Enjoy the natural beauty of our ranch, a perfect backdrop for your beekeeping adventure.

    Tour Highlights:

    • A guided walk through our thriving apiaries.
    • Insight into the world of bee communication and social structure.
    • Tips on how to create bee-friendly environments in your own backyard.
    • An opportunity to purchase our ranch-produced honey and other bee-related products.

    Reservations include:

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    207: The Ranch Hand Experience Workshop


    🐎 Step into the Boots of a Rancher: Join Our Ranch Hand Experience Workshop! 🌾

    Welcome to the great outdoors at Nutrient Farm! We are excited to offer you an authentic Ranch Hand Experience Workshop – a perfect blend of adventure, learning, and hands-on ranch life.

    Why You Can't Miss This Workshop:

    • Live the Ranch Life: Experience the daily life of a ranch hand, engaging in real ranch activities from sunrise to sunset.
    • Hands-On Activities: Learn and participate in essential ranch tasks such as herding, feeding, and caring for livestock, mending fences, and more.
    • Expert Guidance: Our experienced ranchers will mentor you through each task, sharing their knowledge and passion for ranching.
    • Connect with Nature: Spend your day outdoors, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and the tranquility of nature.
    • A Unique Adventure: Whether you're considering a career in ranching or just looking for a unique getaway, this workshop offers an unforgettable experience.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • A day in the life of a ranch hand, filled with practical, hands-on activities.
    • Introduction to sustainable and ethical ranching practices.
    • Opportunities to interact and care for a variety of farm animals.
    • Learn skills like horseback riding, livestock management, and basic veterinary care.

    Reservations include:

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    Farm & Ranch Tour


    Farm and Ranch Tour: Step into Nature's Harmony!

    Embark on a journey where sustainability meets beauty at Nutrient Farm. We invite you to explore our biodynamic Farm and Ranch through an enlightening tour that promises to be a feast for your senses and a balm for your soul.

    Why You'll Love This Tour:

    • A Walk Through Living Ecosystems: Experience the harmony of biodynamic farming as you stroll through our vibrant fields and pastures. Witness how we create a self-sustaining ecosystem that respects and nurtures all life.
    • Meet Our Happy Animals: Get up close with our farm animals raised in open, nurturing environments. Understand the role they play in the biodynamic cycle.
    • Learn from the Experts: Our knowledgeable guides will share insights into biodynamic practices, the importance of organic farming, and how we work with nature’s rhythms.
    • Serene and Scenic Vistas: Soak in the picturesque landscape of our farm and ranch, offering tranquil views and a chance to reconnect with nature.

    Tour Highlights:

    • Guided walk through our organic gardens and orchards.
    • Insights into biodynamic methods like composting, planting by lunar cycles, and natural pest control.
    • Interaction with diverse plant and animal life integral to our farming ecosystem.
    • Scenic spots for photography and relaxation.

    Reservations include:

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    108: Farm Machinery Workshop


    🚜 Master the Machines of the Land: Join Our Farm Machinery Workshop! 🚜

    Gear up for an exciting day of discovery at Nutrient Farm with our exclusive Farm Machinery Workshop! Designed for both the aspiring farmer and the seasoned agriculturist, this workshop offers a hands-on experience with the powerful machines that make modern farming a success.

    Why You Should Attend:

    • Hands-On Training: Get up close and personal with a range of farm machinery, including tractors, harvesters, and plows. Learn how to operate them safely and efficiently.
    • Instruction: Our skilled instructors, with years of farming and machinery expertise, will guide you through the mechanics and maintenance of each machine.
    • Safety First: Understand the critical aspects of farm machinery safety, crucial for anyone working in agriculture.
    • Modern Farming Techniques: Discover how technology is revolutionizing farming, improving productivity, and sustainability.
    • Network with Professionals: Connect with like-minded individuals and professionals in the field of agriculture.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Interactive sessions on operating various farm machinery.
    • Insights into the latest technological advancements in agricultural machinery.
    • Practical tips on routine maintenance and troubleshooting common issues.
    • A certificate of participation, recognizing your newfound skills in farm machinery.

    Reservations include:

    • 2 Participants
    • 1 Tour Guide (demonstrator)
    • 1.5 hour Agriculture Workshop of Nutrient Farm equipment of your choosing
    • Recreational Trails / Winter Sledding One Day Passes
    • 10% off Nutrient Farm products for Participants during visit
    • No Risk / Free Cancellation until 24 hours from reservation
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    300: Intro to Organic Agriculture Workshop


    🌱 Dive into the World of Sustainable Farming: Join Our Intro to Organic Agriculture Workshop! 🌱

    Are you curious about organic farming? Do you dream of growing your own healthy, sustainable food? If yes, Nutrient Farm has the perfect opportunity for you! We're excited to introduce our Intro to Organic Agriculture Workshop, designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike who want to embark on a journey of sustainable agriculture.

    Why You Can't Miss This Workshop:

    • Foundational Knowledge: Learn the principles of organic farming, including soil health, composting, natural pest control, and crop rotation.
    • Hands-On Experience: Get your hands dirty in our organic fields where you'll practice what you've learned.
    • Expert Instructors: Our experienced organic farmers will guide you through the basics, share their insights, and answer all your questions.
    • Eco-Friendly Farming Techniques: Discover environmentally sustainable practices that enrich the land and produce nutritious crops.
    • Connect with Nature: Experience the joy and satisfaction of working in harmony with nature.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Introduction to organic farming principles and practices.
    • Practical sessions in soil preparation, planting, and maintenance.
    • Tips on creating a successful home garden or small-scale organic farm.
    • Insight into the benefits of organic produce for health and the environment.

    in shaping a greener future. Book your spot now and step into the world of Organic Agriculture!

    Reservations include:

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    301: Intro to Biodynamic Agriculture Workshop


    🌱 Dive Into the World of Sustainable Farming with Our Intro to Biodynamic Agriculture Workshop! 🌱

    Embark on an enlightening journey into the heart of sustainable farming at Nutrient Farm. We're excited to invite you to our "Intro to Biodynamic Agriculture Workshop," a unique opportunity to explore an innovative approach to agriculture that harmonizes with nature.

    Why Join Our Workshop?

    • Discover Biodynamic Principles: Learn about the holistic approach of biodynamic farming, which views the farm as a self-sustaining ecosystem.
    • Hands-On Experience: Get your hands dirty with practical activities in our biodynamic fields and gardens. Experience firsthand the methods that enrich the soil, plants, and animals.
    • Expert Instructors: Our seasoned biodynamic farmers will guide you through the philosophy and practices that make this method unique and effective.
    • Connect with Nature: Understand the rhythms and cycles of nature and how they influence agricultural practices.
    • Community and Networking: Join a community of like-minded individuals passionate about sustainable and ethical farming.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Introduction to biodynamic farming concepts and history.
    • Practical demonstrations of biodynamic preparations and composting techniques.
    • Insight into planting calendars and astrological influences in agriculture.
    • Guided tour of our biodynamic farm to see the principles in action.

    Reservations include:

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