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Nutrient Farm

Nutrient Market Annual Membership

Nutrient Market Annual Membership

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Nutrient Market Annual Membership is a private club is open to anyone ages 18+ with a valid government-issued ID to join.


In exchange for the membership fee you will receive:

  • Save 3.5%¬†shopping outside of New Castle city limits; Nutrient Market is in Unincorporated Garfield County so you will enjoy paying¬†No City taxes
  • Unparalleled Quality:¬†As a guardian of sustenance, Nutrient Farm is a purveyor of only the finest¬†Biodynamic, Organic, Wild and Nutrient Farm-grown products
  • 24¬†/¬†7 / 365 secure access to the private, member's-only physical Farm Store
  • Personalized Lock Code for use by "You" only; please do not share the code although it is ok to bring family and friends
  • Customer Support if required¬†with the Products, Farm Store or your Lock Code

 Please allow 24 hours to receive new Access Code 

Fee helps cover the continuous expenses of:

  • An exclusive members-only club
  • Building, services, area development and improvements
  • Cleaning, exterior maintenance (lawn/snow)
  • Energy for store power, climate control and product refrigeration
  • Restocking, consumables and waste management services

If you wish you see more Biodynamic, Organic and Wild food options in your community, please vote with your dollars. Thank you for your support!

For more information, please see the Nutrient Market Club page.

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