2021 November 05 Greenhouse, Nursery and Pasture Improvements - Nutrient Farm

2021 November 05 Greenhouse, Nursery and Pasture Improvements



Greenhouse construction updates:

The greenhouse construction is progressing nicely. The foundation forms we showed last month have been removed and in their place is the remaining concrete foundation! The last picture shows the beginning of the installation of the geothermal Earth battery. Multiple layers of pipes will be buried within the foundation allowing heat generated during the day to be transported and stored in the ground below the building, to be again released in the evening after the temperature drops.




The West Pasture Expands!

We have continued to harrow portions of the West Pasture to prepare for hay. The portion of the pasture we showcased last month will be seeded with an organic mix of grasses and legumes! We can’t wait to see all the goodies that come out of this area for our customers.


 Our cows can afford to be lazy!

The cows are enjoying the organic life here on the farm! Eat, rest, enjoy the beautiful view of the valley; and repeat. Both the East and West Pasture are still being prepared to be seeded with a new mix of organic grasses for the upcoming season.


Pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed, grain-free, organic, biodynamic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and ethically-raised!




Nursery upgrades:

The concrete retaining wall blocks are in place and it’s on to the next stage of construction. Next will come the rebar and snow-melt hydronics system, followed by the concrete pour!



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