2021-09 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2021-09 progress at Nutrient Farm

Greenhouse [Update]

Micropyles are complete. Foundation installation has begun and it is now being framed. After completion, concrete will be poured into the forms. The foundation will dry for about a week before the forms come off, and then we will be ready to install the geothermal battery.

The West Pasture Begins!

Work has begun on the West pasture. The ground is being harrowed with several machines and soon will be ready to be planted with a diverse blend of Organic grasses for the upcoming  Spring!

Nutrient Farm keeps things NATURAL

Nature takes its course as Nutrient Farm as a new addition is welcomed to the herd! This is the second of the season. What a lucky calf to be born naturally on a holistic ranch. The calf will never be fed GMOs. Cows here are actually never “fed” grains or anything at all anyway. Only grass is ever available to the cows and they graze when they choose to. Nutrient Farm livestock are humanely raised in a low-noise, low-stress environment and are never chased or shouted at.

100% grass-fed, organically / biodynamically pasture-raised.


Nursery Expansion

We have started creating an extension of the pad under the nursery. Pictured here is the first row of engineered concrete blocks, of which there will be forty-three in total.

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