2021-12 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2021-12 progress at Nutrient Farm

Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm


The first structural steel components have been erected since our first snow.  It’s a slow, careful process, transporting each beam to be secured in it’s final resting place.  There will be three rows of columns, which will hold insulated metal panels together as well as the ETFE glazing on.  Work will continue into the Winter to get this building complete as soon as possible.


Nutrient Farm  

Recreational Trail System

One again, staying consistent with Nutrient Farm’s objective to continue lowering the price on the Recreational Trail System until it is free, the prices for use have been reduced by 50%.  The farm is so beautiful in Winter.  We hope to see you out there. Recreational Trails


Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm

Mobile Chicken Coops


We can’t wait to have chickens here at Nutrient Farm! The materials for our mobile chicken coops have been ordered, and assembly will begin this winter. The chickens will be split into three flocks: meat birds (all male), laying birds (all female), and a breeding group (male and female).  Each flock will be housed in their own individual 240 ft. mobile chicken coop and will have unrestricted access to our green grass pastures.  Being pasture-raised, the chicken will follow the cattle as they rotate through the Intensive Rotational Grazing (IRG) system and will also regularly scavenge the organic food compost piles.

What is Intensive Rotational Grazing?

Intensive Rotational Grazing (IRG) is an agricultural practice that mimics the natural grazing of land. In a traditional grass-fed, pasture setup, livestock are given free-range unrestricted access to the entire pasture at all times. This means that some areas will be under-grazed and some areas will be over-grazed.  Over-grazed grass lowers the length of the grass from a fast-growing height, into a stunted-growth height, which slows down the growth and takes a lot longer to regrow from.  This approach makes providing an abundance of high-quality pasture nearly impossible.  Free-range pasturing may feed 80 cattle per acre per day, while IRG can feed upwards of 400 per cattle per acre per day.  With IRG, a large pasture is separated into many  smaller paddocks. The animals spend a predetermined amount of time grazing in one paddock before moving to fresh pasture in another paddock.  This ensures that the majority of the grass is grazed without over-grazing the pasture. This method has numerous benefits over traditional grazing! Not only does IRG imitate the way cattle naturally graze in nature, but it also grows the most pasture and most abundance of high quality nutrients possible, helping the beneficial soil to thrive and giving us measurably better pasture year after year.


Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm




Nursery upgrades are still coming as well.  The insulation, rebar, snow-melt hydronics and concrete have been installed on the North side of the building.  Next, we are moving on to the Driveway apron leading up to the overhead door of the building.  That slab will receive the same treatment.


Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm


Fencing Systems

The fencing on the East Pasture, with mainly just gates left, is almost complete!  This predator fence is above and also multiple feet below ground to resist any borrowing predators.  For further security, we will next be installing a chicken fence onto the Predator fence and followed by an aerial predator defense system, to provide additional safety for our bird flocks from.

Career Positions Available

Water Pipeline Installer
Construction Foreman
Traveling Executive Personal Assistant
Certified Electrician
IT Network Administrator
Organic Farmer
Organic Farm Fence Installer

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