2021-11 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2021-11 progress at Nutrient Farm


Our first agricultural Greenhouse (9,000 sq. ft.) construction is still progressing well. ¬†The Foundation and ¬†geothermal Earth Battery are complete and backfilled. ¬†Mobilization has begun so we may next install the steel structural beams. Within days, the building will begin to take shape above ground. ¬†This will be a ‚Äúclear span‚ÄĚ building, with no structural columns in the middle of the grow room.

Mobile Chicken Coops

It’s been a couple years since starting a cattle herd and we are now preparing for Chicken.  Over this Winter, our construction team will use the Nursery to construct three (3) mobile chicken coops.  These buildings will house Meat, Egg and Breeding flocks to begin Nutrient Farm’s Poultry division.

Like all our products, we will emphasize quality over quantity in regards to how the Chickens will be raised.  Their diet will be grain-free and they will not be speed-grown by any means.  They will be intensively rotationally grazed behind the Cattle and will also scavenge organic compost piles regularly.  Nutrient Farm Chickens will be pasture-raised, grain-free, antibiotic-free and humanely-raised with Organic and Biodynamic principles.  You are what you eat, eats.

Hay Crop

The West Pasture has been harrowed and drilled with Hay seed.

The species we drilled includes: Tall Fescue, Orchardgrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Soft Leaf Fescue, Red Clover, Bluegrass, Ladino Clover, Alfalfa, Barley, Sainfoin, Vetch and White Clover.

Hay Barn

A new Hay Barn has been designed and purchased.  Once this building is constructed on Nutrient Farm’s East Pasture, this structure will provide storage for our livestock’s winter forage, as well as additional hay to sell to the community.


Nursery upgrades are proceeding well.  The concrete retaining wall blocks are in place and it’s on to the next stage of construction. Next will come the rebar and snow-melt hydronics system, followed by the concrete pour!

Fencing System

The intensive rotational grazing, predator-fenced, paddock system on the East pasture is almost complete.  This will be the home for our Cattle and Chicken.  This system provides security above ground as well as a couple feet below ground against borrowing predators.  In the future, we will add some aerial predator defense systems which will provide safety to the flocks.

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