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Nutrient Farm

Wagyu Beef Rib Steak

Wagyu Beef Rib Steak

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Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with our exquisite Akaushi Wagyu Beef Rib Steak. This premium cut of beef is sourced from the finest American Wagyu cattle, renowned for their exceptional marbling and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each succulent bite is a symphony of rich, buttery flavor that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Our Akaushi Wagyu Beef Rib Steak, prepared to perfection, ensures that every bite is a true masterpiece. Savor the luxurious taste of this unparalleled delicacy and elevate your dining experience to new heights. Perfect for a special occasion or a romantic dinner for two, our Akaushi Wagyu Beef Rib Steak is the epitome of luxury and refinement. Treat yourself to the best and indulge in the unparalleled taste of our Akaushi Wagyu Beef Rib Steak today.

Rib Steak comes from the rib primal section of the cow and is known for the same tenderness and amazing flavor for which its boneless Ribeye Steak counterpart. The addition of bone to this cut ensures a much more flavorful plate of food since this portion has generous proportions of intramuscular fat, which melts during high-heat cooking creating rich flavor and texture.  This is a well-marbled and well-grained cut of Beef, which remains succulent even cooked till well done. This makes it a good cut for dry-heat cooking methods like barbecuing, grilling, broiling and pan-frying. When barbecuing or grilling this cut, all one needs is a drizzle of barbecue sauce and let it be an accompaniment to the meat’s own excellent taste.

Nutrient Farm World Class Akaushi Wagyu Beef is 100% Fullblood, Inbred-free - Lowest COI, Ranched with Biodynamic Organic Production Principles, Grassfed, Grass-Finished, Pasture-Raised, Slow-grown as Nature intended, Full Spectrum Sun, Grain-free, Cake, Candy and Syrup-free, Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free, GMO-free, Irradiation-free, Biosludge-free, Synthetic Chemical-free, Natural Mineral Salt Blocks, Low-Stress Habitat, Ethically Raised, Humanely Processed, Dry-Aged, Produced in the USA, Made with Love. The livestock spend their lives outdoors grazing pasture, but always have access to shelter to escape inclement weather. Organic grass seed is only ever planted in the pastures.

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