2021-05 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2021-05 progress at Nutrient Farm

Career Openings:


Plumbing Team¬†‚Äď Plumber required to install mad hydronics systems and learn the secrets of the universe.

Fencing Team¬†‚Äď Help install fence systems to grow our Beef/Poultry (upcoming) programs.

Pipeline Team¬†‚Äď Be certified on butt fuser and rebuild our historic irrigation pipeline .

Culinary Team¬†‚Äď Organic Cooks (1099) needed on contract basis for company cookouts and public music festivals.


Land ‚Äď sinkholes on North side of West Pasture filled with dirt, weed mitigation continues in full force.

Nursery ‚Äď fortified with partial concrete slabs, composite foot walls, lighting and surveillance.

Upper Hogbacks have had grading improved, rocks removed, and has been re-seeded with organic grass blend.

Fabricated a water trailer for temporary watering, water transport and fire mitigation.


Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm


Nutrient Farm  Nutrient Farm

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