2021-06 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2021-06 progress at Nutrient Farm

Career Openings:


Construction Team – Accelerating the world’s transition back to clean food. The Plumbing Team is part of this team who install mad hydronics systems and learn the secrets of the universe.

Fencing Team – Help install fence systems to grow our Beef/Poultry (upcoming) programs.

Pipeline Team – Become a certified butt fuser and rebuild our historic irrigation pipeline.

Culinary Team – Organic Cooks (1099) needed on contract basis for company cookouts and public music festivals.

Seasonal Organic Farming Team – Every fall we consider promoting our seasonal farmers to full-time roles.


One of the ways Nutrient Farm is reducing prices for subscribers is by reducing shipping costs. Subscribers in incorporated areas around New Castle (Colorado) can now get free delivery on Beef and Beeswax Candle products.

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