2021-03 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2021-03 progress at Nutrient Farm

The Nutrient Farm Apiary is turning one year old and to celebrate we are doubling the size!

We started our honeybee colony with 6 hives. Starting small allows us to learn how to be good beekeepers at a comfortable pace. We practiced harvesting a modest amount of honey, propolis, and wax last season.

With some of that wax, we debuted a beeswax candle product line. New candles were added last month and more will be added in the future.

Over the winter, we wrapped all of the hives in organic wool to help support the colony. We look forward to adding Raw Unfiltered Honey to our farm shop soon.




Now Hiring!

Current List of jobs and links to the corresponding pages.

CAD Technician (Resident)

Organic Farmer

Seasonal Organic Farmer

Organic Farm Manager

Construction Worker (Resident)

Pipeline Installer

Fencing Installer


“You are what you eat, eats!”

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