2021 February 28 The New Water Pump is Near Complete - Nutrient Farm

2021-02 progress at Nutrient Farm

Pumphouse almost complete! Soon there will be a working system to bring water to Nutrient Farm ponds and pastures. Flowing water spreads nutrients to the soil and promote a greener pastures for produce and livestock. It is important to increase the water table for effectively planting and growing crops.

The pumphouse consist of several pumps on a skid and will be connected to our mile long food-grade pipeline that runs between the two pastures. The pumphouse is a large benefit to the Farm right now, but it is actually the Farm’s backup system and will only be temporarily used.

This year will will begin working on the second phase of the irrigation pipeline which will extend it an additional two miles to it’s historic source from one hundred years ago. The new source comes directly form snowmelt and will be cleaner, larger in volume, and gravity-fed. Not using electricity to pump water ultimately means lower product prices for everyone. 


“You are what you eat, eats!”

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