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Nutrient Farm

Candle Number 5

Candle Number 5

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Organic Cotton Wick
Pure Beeswax

Measures: 1.5" wide .5" deep 2.75" tall
Weight: 0.5 oz
Burn time: 10 Minutes

Beeswax is a natural, clean-burning, renewable resource. It burns hotter while emitting more light than other candles and smells of sweet honey.

Also unlike other candle that pollute the air, Beeswax candles clean the air by releasing negative ions when they burn. These electrons stick to and increase the mass of particulate, causing it to precipitate from the air.

Dimension, weight, and burn time of candles are approximate. Every candle is hand-crafted individually and is unique. Minor differences to what is pictured is to be expected.

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