2022-03 progress at Nutrient Farm - Nutrient Farm

2022-03 progress at Nutrient Farm


Greenhouse Update:


The steel framing of the Nutrient Farm greenhouse is complete and installation of Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) has begun.  The IMPs being 4” thick will serve as excellent insulation, siding and vapor barrier for the building.  A tele-handler carefully hoists each panel individually using a vacuum implement that has a pump and battery on-board.  After the sides and rear walls are installed, the front and angled South-facing roof will receive three (3) layers of a revolutionary new polymer called ETFE which maximizes light spectrum through to the plants.  This greenhouse will enable Nutrient Farm’s soil-grown produce to be farmed all year long.






Career opportunities available:


  • Construction Concrete Lead (No Travel)
  • Organic Farm Fence Installation Foreman (x2)
  • Tire and Lube Tech
  • Organic Farm Fence Installer
  • Organic Residential/Commercial Cleaner (No Travel)
  • Electrician (No Travel)
  • Heavy Mechanic Technician
  • Water Pipeline Installer (No Travel) (x6)
  • Software Developer (x2)
  • Organic Farm Hand (x4)
  • Construction Manager (No Travel)
  • Executive Personal Assistant (Travel Required)
  • Bookkeeper, Controller, or CPA
  • Organic Farm Manager
  • Organic Ranch Hand


Click to see Nutrient Incorporated’s career listings…






Signs of Spring life have come early at Nutrient Farm. There have been four (4) calf births in February alone and one (1) in March. We look forward to watching these babies grow up and sharing more news with you as we see the herd continue to grow. In the future we will provide a live-feed camera in the pasture, so you can come hang out with our cows from the comfort of your home.





Chicken Coops Update:


Materials are continuing to be ordered and the mobile chicken coop assembly process is being finalized and documented. In the pictures, you can see the chassis as well as tube and sheet steel building materials. What also was just delivered were the Arduino microprocessors that will be programmed in C to operate the coops. These microcomputers will be custom developed to monitor environmental sensors such as ambient air temperature, coop air temperature, water temperature, water level, solar thermal collector surface temperature and pedestrian and egg door operation (intrusion detection). The data collected will be used to operate the chicken door, circulation fans, exhaust fans, water heater, solar thermal circulator and indoor and outdoor lighting. The coops will also responsibly transmit data wirelessly to a central computer that will log and transmute the data for analysis.





Farm Storage:


As Nutrient Farm continues to grow, as does the need for additional storage. The Agriculture building modeled above will be for Farm Storage. It is 15,000 sq. ft. and will allow us to keep equipment out of the elements and will help the tools and implements remain organized making future projects efficient. It will be built toward the back of the West Pasture in the talus slope area, South of the historical Vulcan Ditch.





Hay Barn:


The materials for the hay barn have been delivered. This will be a steel, two (2) sided structure with a roof. It will soon be assembled and we will then have ample storage for fresh-cut organic hay that will be cut in the upcoming months. Nutrient Farm cows will be happy to have year-round access to local, organic, nutrient-dense grass, grown right here on Nutrient Farm.



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