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Nutrient Farm

303: Agri-Tech Innovations Showcase Workshop

303: Agri-Tech Innovations Showcase Workshop

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šŸšœ Discover the Future of Farming: Agri-Tech Innovations Showcase Workshop šŸŒ±

Join us atĀ Nutrient Farm for our groundbreaking Agri-Tech Innovations Showcase Workshop! Witness firsthand the revolution in agriculture as we unveil the latest advancements in agricultural technology.Ā Ā 

Why Attend the Agri-Tech Innovations Showcase?Ā Ā Gain actionable insight on howĀ Nutrient uses and plans to use various renewable energy technologies for self-sufficiency, redundancy and fault tolerance.

Cutting-Edge Technology:Ā 

  • Solar Electric
  • Stationary [electrical] Storage (integrating now)
  • Electrolysis (future use)
  • Solar ThermalĀ (integrating now)
  • Thermal Energy StorageĀ (integrating now)
  • Hydronics, Heat-exchangers
  • Geothermal
  • Phase Change Materials
  • SteamĀ (future use)
  • BiomassĀ (future use)
  • Anaerobic DigestionĀ (future use)
  • BiogasĀ (future use)
  • Ram PumpsĀ (future use)
  • Hydrology, Thermosinks

ļ»æNetworking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, innovators, and fellow agriculture enthusiasts who are shaping the future of farming.

Practical Applications: Learn how to integrate these technologies into your farming practices to increase efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Q&A sessions: to discuss your specific agricultural challenges and technological solutions.

Reservations include:

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