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Nutrient Farm

Pre-School / Kindergarten Field Trip Tour

Pre-School / Kindergarten Field Trip Tour

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Pre-School / Kindergarten Field Trip Tour: Discover the Wonders of the Farm!

Hey, Little Explorers and Curious Minds! Get ready for an adventure at Nutrient Farm with our specially designed Agriculture Field Trip, perfect for pre-school and kindergarten children.

Why Our Field Trip is a Must-Do for Kids:

  • Hands-On Fun: Our field trip is packed with interactive activities that are perfect for little hands. From petting farm animals to planting their first seeds, kids will learn by doing.
  • Educational and Entertaining: We make learning fun with engaging, age-appropriate lessons about plants, animals, and farm life.
  • Safe and Supervised: Your child's safety is our priority. Our experienced staff ensures a secure and nurturing environment for all activities.
  • Nature Connection: Let your kids connect with nature and learn about the importance of the environment and sustainable living.

Field Trip Highlights:

  • Guided tour of the farm with fun and friendly guides.
  • Hands-on experience with farm animals - feeding, petting, and learning.
  • Planting workshop where kids can get their hands dirty.
  • Nature crafts and farm-themed games.
  • Storytime.

Minimum of 10 participants required.  Reservations include:

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