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Nutrient Farm

Grain-free Wagyu Beef Testicle

Grain-free Wagyu Beef Testicle

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Akaushi Wagyu Beef Testicles, a delicacy that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. Aka Mountain Oysters, these Beef Testicles are sourced from the finest quality cattle, raised in a stress-free environment and fed with the highest quality grasses to ensure the best possible taste and texture.  These succulent and flavorful testicles are perfect for those who are looking for a unique and adventurous culinary experience. They can be prepared in a variety of ways, including grilling, frying, or even served raw as a delicacy.  One of food's highest occurring form of Testosterone.

Nutrient Farm World-Class Akaushi Wagyu Beef is 100% Full-blooded, Inbred-free - Low COI, produced with the highest levels of Ranching Stewardship, 100% Grassfed, Grass-Finished, Pasture-Raised, Slow-grown as Nature intended, Full Spectrum Sun, Grain-free, Cake, Candy and Syrup-free, Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free, GMO-free, Irradiation-free, Biosludge-free, Synthetic Chemical-free, Natural Mineral Salt Blocks, Low-Stress Habitat, Ethically Raised, Humanely Processed, Dry-Aged, Produced in the USA, Made with Love.

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